Full Body Massage

Great Asian Massage In Bonita Springs, FL

Full Body Massage

Our list of full body massages includes Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina and Back Walking treatment.

Swedish Massage

In a Swedish back rub, the specialist greases up the skin with knead oil and perform different back rub strokes. These techniques warm up the muscle tissue, discharging pressure and bit by bit separating muscle ties or muscular tissues, called bonds. Swedish massage mainly advances unwinding, among other medical advantages.

Our licensed massage specialist will get some information about any wounds or different conditions that you may have with the help of medical history. Things you would need to tell an advisor to incorporate zones of snugness or torment, sensitivities, and conditions like pregnancy. You can likewise let them know in advance that you have an inclination for light or firm pressure. Call our great Asian massage in Bonita Springs, FL at 239-272-9830 and book an appointment.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our licensed specialist will focus on the regions of your body where you can feel pressure and mild pain. This will be conveyed at the beginning of the treatment, as per the particular advantages you wish to accomplish. Your muscles should be relaxed, and you might be requested to inhale profoundly to enable your specialist to achieve the more profound musculature.

Using this massage, our therapists can help you reduce tissue congestion, chronic pain, and enhance your blood circulation, digestion, and overall health. Contact us to receive a deep tissue massage at affordable prices. You have the option to customize the treatment based on individual requests.

Japanese Shiatsu

The Shiatsu bodywork is an elective solution strategy that advances relaxation through muscle and joint stimulation, breathing activities and a few massage techniques to impart a mending vitality all through the body. Shiatsu is a type of Japanese bodywork that is described by applying agreeable weight using fingers to press, knead, tap, and stretch certain points on the body. The finger pressure has particular effects on the connective tissues. This tissue is simply under the surface of the skin and keeps running all through the body, involving the spaces between various organs. Therefore, it is usually named as the biggest organ of the human body.

Call us at 239-272-9830 for receiving therapeutic bodywork in Bonita Springs, FL. We deliver excellent treatment at our curing wellness center.

Chinese Tuina Massage

Tuina experts knead, brush, move, press and rub an injured individual's body, utilizing their palms, fingertips, and knuckles to expel blockages along the meridians of the patient's body to empower qi and blood to advance healing. All our licensed therapists have undergone training in martial arts of philosophies.

The Chinese Tuina is an essential segment of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Are you looking to get relief from sports injuries or chronic joint pain? Call us at 239-272-9830 – we can help you improve your health goals.

Back Walking Treatment

The professional therapists in this massage session stand on barefoot, or moves their feet along the client’s body, using the overhead bars to disperse their weight as required. The specialist can likewise shift the weight by placing one foot on the massage table to balance their weight and the other foot on the customer. The foot itself can be used in many ways – heels and toes are exceptionally fit for detailed work, and the whole foot can be used to apply wide and profound weight.

The back walking massage would be an hour and a half to let our specialist for working completely both on the extensive muscles for best results. Contact our therapists for a personalized massage service.